UNC, Other Colleges Crack Down On Palestinian Protesters

It has become clear it is not just immigrants from the Middle East who are instigating these protests. Instead, it is left wing billionaires funding left wing protesters and orchestrating the entire effort nationwide via proxy groups. It is part of the Color Revolution/ Cultural Revolution they have been instigating. […]

Witness: UNC’s Dr. Baric Gave Gain-of-Function Research to China

Dr. Ralph Baric has been an object of celebration here in North Carolina. In fact, Governor Cooper gave him a special award. But Andrew Huff, who was previously with EcoHealth Alliance, reveals Baric gave coronavirus gain-of-function research to the communist Chinese. Steve Bannon says UNC faces enormous legal liabilities over […]

The Battle Between Cooper and the GOP regarding the UNC System

The headline above suggests that a battle is taking place. That is probably not entirely accurate because the existence of a battle require that at least two sides oppose each other. A drama is developing, however, regarding the UNC system. The Republicans in the North Carolina General Assembly control all […]