10 thoughts on “US Supreme Court Rules Against UNC- Chapel Hill

  1. The Left should be overjoyed that a decades long bastion of institutional racism based on skin color has been abolished.
    Instead, they’re outraged.

  2. The Left believed that their “selective” racism (i.e., the soft bigotry of low expectations) served the greater good.
    This moral superiority is how they justify trampling personal rights and freedom.

    1. I understand your use of the term “moral superiority” is sarcasm, Jaycee. But in fact, what they have perpetrated is a massive injustice, as you suggest. And our state university implementing this injustice was showcased before the entire nation, and became the object of this suit.

  3. “perceived moral superiority” might have been a better term.
    Feel free to edit my comment above.

  4. Sorry but those scoundrels at UNC will find a way to weasel around this decision. I hope they get sued if they try it.

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