NC State Announcer Suspended Because He Mentioned Illegal Aliens

I am not particularly familiar with this fellow Gary Hahn, but he has apparently been calling NC State games for over thirty years. He was “suspended indefinitely” because he used the term “illegal aliens” during an NC State football broadcast. He is employed by a company called Learfield that deals […]

ADF Defending NC Public School Teacher Tossed Out for Opposing Critical Theory

The Governor’s School here in North Carolina used to be fairly prestigious. It was considered to be a privilege for students selected to attend there. But it requires boarding in the Triangle metro area. A teacher at that special public school– Dr. David Phillips– was recently fired because he had […]

Update on our Christmas Present: “Rolling” Power Outages in NC

A significant development was announced yesterday with regard to the power outages during severe, frigid weather this past weekend. The N.C. Utilities Commission will hold a hearing on Tuesday during which Duke Energy is being asked to answer questions about this situation. An article at discusses this hearing and […]

Be Appropriately Skeptical about the Gospel Coalition

A name like “The Gospel Coalition” ordinarily ought to arouse positive thoughts and feelings. After all, there is nothing wrong with the Gospel. However, this group is quite questionable. The Disntr website has been looking at the organization in a critical manner for some time, with ample justification. An example […]