NC State Announcer Suspended Because He Mentioned Illegal Aliens

I am not particularly familiar with this fellow Gary Hahn, but he has apparently been calling NC State games for over thirty years. He was “suspended indefinitely” because he used the term “illegal aliens” during an NC State football broadcast.

He is employed by a company called Learfield that deals with college sports multimedia.

This is yet another example of cancel culture in the state of North Carolina. It is unclear whether his employer did this because of its own “convictions”; because of the reaction of network media bosses; or because of the reaction of the state university leadership itself.

Regardless of the circumstances, the fact that he was suspended absolutely stinks. These parties that claim a false sense of righteousness over perceived speech violations– while they simultaneously forswear true, legitimate sources of righteousness– are yet another indication of the corrupted culture that surrounds us.


4 thoughts on “NC State Announcer Suspended Because He Mentioned Illegal Aliens

  1. The question that comes to mind .. will he be forced to kiss the ring and apologize in order to be un-suspended. You know that is what they want.

    I hope he tells Learfield to stick it where the sun don’t shine.

    1. I wonder if Learfield is under pressure from NC State or from the corporate media. But I agree with you, and expect he will be “forced to kiss the ring and apologize”. I hope he is in a position to refuse, as you suggest.

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