Josh Stein’s Putative Concern over Illegal Drugs

Two important stories were reported in North Carolina last week. First, it was announced that our state had experienced a 22% increase in overdose deaths during 2021 compared with the previous year. Almost simultaneously, our esteemed state Attorney General, Josh Stein, called for funding of a Fentanyl Control Unit within […]

City Of Greensboro Gleefully Bleeding Money on Crony/ Donor’s Parking Deck

Longtime readers will recall that Randall Kaplan is Congresswoman Kathy Manning’s husband. (Never mind the two different surnames. That is how it is done in certain circles). Kaplan and Manning were local attorneys who donated heavily to political candidates locally. He had an ambition to build a hotel on Elm. […]

Cone’s Competition; and Conflicts of Interest with NIH Funding

A couple of news items illustrated new competition the Cone Health system will be facing here in Greensboro. The Triad Business Journal has a story reporting that Atrium/ Baptist purchased a piece of land off Horsepen Creek Rd. where it will locate its outpatient surgical center. Almost simultaneously, the News […]

Attorney John Thaler Explains the Arizona Bombshell Revelations

I had posted here last night about testimony before an Arizona legislative hearing. Brannon Howse interviewed John Thaler– the attorney who had led the extensive investigations that uncovered numerous fraudulent transactions, bribery of important public officials and compromises of election systems. One of the interesting revelations is that the Speaker […]

The Smoking Gun Regarding Election Fraud in Arizona

The old saying– and a legitimate legal principle– is that “fraud vitiates everything”. Testimony was given at a legislative hearing yesterday in Arizona. A well-spoken woman named Jacqueline Breger detailed the findings of a wide-ranging investigation conducted by a law firm into matters regarding racketeering, corruption and fraud. There is […]