Guilford County’s “Savings Account” is Getting Depleted

An interesting article was published on the Rhino Times website yesterday. It was reported that the County Manager told commissioners he was concerned that the county’s fund balance was getting too low. Democratic socialists have been in charge of Guilford County since the 2020 election. It’s funny, but I don’t […]

Premeditated Attack on Christian School: Didn’t Occur in a Vacuum

We will hopefully learn more precise information about the shooter’s motive. But it seems clear. The tragedy in Nashville was preventable. I attribute what happened in large part to that key swing vote made by Justice Anthony Kennedy, nominated by Ronald Reagan, to enable the Obergefell decision eight years ago. […]

Conservative NC Bank Takes Over Silicon Valley Bank

First Citizens Bank, based in Raleigh, is known for its conservative management approach and is “closely held”. The announcement that it was buying the failed Silicon Valley Bank culminated nearly a week of speculation. The Holding family, which founded and runs the bank, produced a recent Republican member of Congress […]