Guilford County’s “Savings Account” is Getting Depleted

An interesting article was published on the Rhino Times website yesterday. It was reported that the County Manager told commissioners he was concerned that the county’s fund balance was getting too low.

Democratic socialists have been in charge of Guilford County since the 2020 election.

It’s funny, but I don’t remember this type of thing happening when the Republicans controlled the county commissioners’ board. They were not perfect, but finances were better managed.

Over the last couple of years, the federal government has showered Covid-related monies on states, counties, and cities. These entities have then doled out huge amounts of monies accordingly. But Guilford County has also had other spending authorized by the socialist commissioners.

They will doubtless consider this fund balance shortfall an excuse to raise our taxes once again. That seems fairly predictable.


2 thoughts on “Guilford County’s “Savings Account” is Getting Depleted

  1. According to some sources the City of Greensboro has the highest municipal property taxes in the state. Guilford county is only topped by Durham, Wake and
    Mecklenburg Counties in tax rates for property . The recent revaluation even made the pain worse for property owners. If what the county manager said it sure looks like another tax increase is on the horizon. Bend over.

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