Spreading Greensboro Homicides To the County

The message was beyond parody. Mayor Nancy Vaughan asked during her State of the City address regarding the city’s high homicide rate, “Where is the outrage?”. She asked this after having spent many years undermining the police, playing identity group politics and hamstringing law enforcement. She and her fellow council […]

Skip Alston to Kill “In God We Trust” Inscriptions

James Upchurch, a former-Democrat-turned-Republican Guilford County Commissioner, proposed with inscribe “In God We Trust” on 10 important Guilford County buildings. Now, Skip Alston– the chairman of the Board of County Commissioners– says he is opposing the move because he doesn’t like the intent. The Rhino Times provides the details. It […]

Cone Health’s Millions in Property Tax Breaks Last Year

North Carolina Health News has an interesting article that outlines the property tax breaks that the non-profit hospital systems enjoy. Guilford County lists approximately $817 million in assessed value for properties owned by non-profit hospitals here. That translates to approximately $11 million in property taxes avoided by these hospital systems. […]

Guilford County’s “Savings Account” is Getting Depleted

An interesting article was published on the Rhino Times website yesterday. It was reported that the County Manager told commissioners he was concerned that the county’s fund balance was getting too low. Democratic socialists have been in charge of Guilford County since the 2020 election. It’s funny, but I don’t […]

Drama Over the Canceled Guilford Jail Demolition Contract

Samet Construction has been doing business in this part of North Carolina for many decades. It had won a contract recently for the demolition of the old Guilford County Jail in Greensboro and the construction of a new Sheriff’s Department headquarters. Some of the work already had been done. It […]

Guilford County Hires FIVE To Assure Contracting with Minority Businesses

The Rhino Times reported on Friday that the Guilford County Board of Commissioners have hired a total of 5 (five) employees for the Minority-and-Women-Business-Enterprises (MWBE) program. It is intended to assure that the contracts the county has with private businesses go to those that are owned by minorities or women. […]