Spreading Greensboro Homicides To the County

The message was beyond parody. Mayor Nancy Vaughan asked during her State of the City address regarding the city’s high homicide rate, “Where is the outrage?”.

She asked this after having spent many years undermining the police, playing identity group politics and hamstringing law enforcement. She and her fellow council members bear unique responsibility for the city’s homicide rate.

And thanks to the city of Greensboro’s efforts in conjunction with Obama/Biden, the homicides have spread to previously safer parts of the city. I recall within the last year or so reading of homicides on West Friendly Avenue and New Garden Road. There is a zeal to place multifamily housing throughout the city– indeed, often government subsidized housing– in places that previously had none. There is a zeal for “infill” to increase city revenues.

But there is another plan brewing also. Our county government is looking to spread water and wastewater services to outlying areas. That is a plan that will ultimately spread Greensboro crime to places like Summerfield and Oak Ridge and Stokesdale.

Then, we will have equal opportunity homicides throughout the entire county.


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