Princess Kate and King Charles

A source that seems to be credible states that Princess Kate’s cancer is pseudomyxoma peritonei. It is a cancer of the appendix that seeds and forms lesions or tumors on the lining of the abdomen. It is a rare gastrointestinal cancer. I was for the most part unfamiliar with this, but some initial checking suggests it is difficult to estimate her chances of survival given the limited information available about her case. She will, of course, receive the best medical care money can buy.

She seems to be a genuinely sweet young woman. I hope for the sake of her family that she survives.

Meanwhile, King Charles is rumored to have pancreatic cancer which carries a grim prognosis.

Both Charles and Kate had been vaccinated against Covid-19. These vaccines have been related to an increased incidence of various cancers. It is particularly tragic that Kate took the vaccine because she really did not need it, and would not have benefited from it. If her cancer were truly due to the vaccine, it would dramatize the disservice that was done to so many people by pushing it excessively, and with little discretion.


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  1. The world of medicine knows a lot about cancer and its causes but there is a ton that is unknown about this insidious disease. All I can say is best to Kate and Charles and prayers for a good outcome.

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