Two Whiffs At Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting

The SBC’s annual convention in Indianapolis has concluded for the most part. A couple of important items of business received votes. First, the Convention failed to restrict the office of pastor to men. The vote did not achieve the 2/3 supermajority required to pass the motion. That means female pastors […]

Surveilling Our Bank Accounts?

HT: NC Renegade Rep. Harriet Hageman (@HagemanforWY) highlights OMG's undercover investigation during a House Judiciary Committee hearing. The investigation revealed an IRS official admitting that AI is used to surveil Americans' bank accounts without warrants. This unconstitutional… — O’Keefe Media Group (@OKeefeMedia) June 11, 2024

Eye-Popping Statistics on Beliefs and Politics

According to the Christian Post: Belief that people making marriage and having children are priorities: Trump supporters 59%, Biden supporters 19% Discomfort with women not taking their husbands’ last names when married: Trump supporters 37%, Biden supporters 13% View the declining birthrate in the US as bad: Trump supporters 47%, […]