The “Smoking Gun” E-mails That Showed the Biden White House Knew About Vaccine Issues

Start at the 3:45 mark. The discussion reveals there were e-mail communications during 2021 between the CDC, the NIH and communications people at the White House devising a plan to “message” away the real harms caused by the Covid vaccines. This was happening as vaccine mandates were being imposed on […]

Leftist Institutions Devising “End Run” Around Affirmative Action Ruling

Many of us were gratified when the Supreme Court issued its ruling against affirmative action a couple of months ago. Recall that UNC-Chapel Hill was one of the defendants that lost the case. Do No Harm is reporting that institutions are devising at least a couple of strategies to get […]

The “Conservatives” In NC Who Do No Conserving

This legislative session in Raleigh has been a bloodbath. A couple of days ago, legislative leaders received a letter from major GOP donors and business leaders expressing concern about the direction of the current session. They were very concerned about spending, casinos, Medicaid expansion and other items. In response, the […]