Spreading Greensboro Homicides To the County

The message was beyond parody. Mayor Nancy Vaughan asked during her State of the City address regarding the city’s high homicide rate, “Where is the outrage?”. She asked this after having spent many years undermining the police, playing identity group politics and hamstringing law enforcement. She and her fellow council […]

Greensboro City Council’s Artful Dodge on Crime at City Manager’s Home

There was an interesting article on the News and Record website this morning. The city council had reviewed the police body camera footage of the incident at the city manager’s home. They then issued this statement: “It is our collective opinion that the domestic disturbance was thoroughly investigated,” the statement […]

New Details On the Greensboro City Manager Incident

We have some new reporting at the Rhino Times regarding the violent incident at the home of Greensboro’s city manager, Tai Jaiyeoba. There is some discussion about whether the City Council should be considering this matter. When Zack Matheny suggested a closed meeting on this matter, he got some pushback […]

The Greensboro City Council’s Decision to Make Triad Stage Less Viable

There had been a major push within the Greensboro establishment to fund and build the Tanger Center as a city-owned and operated facility. Bonds put city taxpayers on the hook for interest expense. And the annual operational expenses were bound to be a financial liability for taxpayers. But this decision […]