Greensboro City Council’s Artful Dodge on Crime at City Manager’s Home

There was an interesting article on the News and Record website this morning. The city council had reviewed the police body camera footage of the incident at the city manager’s home. They then issued this statement:

“It is our collective opinion that the domestic disturbance was thoroughly investigated,” the statement reads. “Greensboro Police Department in consultation with the District Attorney’s office determined that no charges were warranted. Furthermore, in our view, the City Manager did not receive preferential treatment...

”It is unclear how the disagreement began.”

This statement, however, avoids answering three questions that are very important:

  1. Who committed the crime at the city manager’s home?
  2. Was the decision not to charge or prosecute because of a decision not to “press charges” on the part of one or more of the participants in the incident?
  3. Why was an arrest not made?

These questions need to be answered. Otherwise, the city council’s statement is an effort to obfuscate and sweep under the rug what occurred. It must be regarded as a manifestation of our corrupt machine politics until demonstrated otherwise. The city’s residents deserve to know whether their highly renumerated city manager committed a crime. This is an individual whose salary was $280,000 per year two years ago.


6 thoughts on “Greensboro City Council’s Artful Dodge on Crime at City Manager’s Home

  1. This conclusion ( cover-up ) by the City Council ) is not the least bit surprising .

    I guess we will have to wait on the court to rule on the Greensboro Police Officers Association and the same request by the N&R for full disclosure of the BWCs.

    1. Fred, the “word salad” the City Council offered hardly begins to address the most important aspects of this case. Yes, they are protecting their diversity hire. But they also can count on the local mainstream media to help them cover it up.

      It is interesting they state the DA was consulted. But it is important to note that the DA is part of the same crowd.

      The article says a detective conducted an investigation the following day. But given the fact that the city manager heads the GPD, it is an inherent conflict. One might be tempted to say the SBI should have been called in– except for the fact that AG Josh Stein is ALSO part of the same crowd.

  2. Statement from GPD:

    “The city manager (added: presumably from his house while the incident was ongoing) called Chief Thompson to notify him of the incident shortly after it occurred…Chief Thompson then spoke with the first responding officer on scene and instructed them to deescalate the situation, if necessary, separate the parties, document all interviews, and that the watch commander (the highest ranking officer on duty at that time) would be en route.”
    “At no time did Mr. Jaiyeoba or anyone from the city manager’s office ask that GPD deviate from its normal investigative procedures.”

    Hmmm…anytime someone at a crime scene calls the Chief of a department of almost 700 officers and then the Chief intervenes and talks to the lowly beat cop to personally direct the cop’s actions…that is a MAJOR deviation from normal procedure.

  3. “At no time did Mr. Jaiyeoba or anyone from the city manager’s office ask that GPD deviate from its normal investigative procedures.”

    Didn’t have to ask, it’s IMPLIED.
    “Hey, Chief, this is your boss. Got one of your cops in my living room. Remember who you work for.”

    1. Right again, Jaycee. They understood clearly what they had to do. That is why this is an inherent conflict of interest, and this needed to be “turfed” to another agency like the SBI.

      The city keeps on putting out these releases. They think it is going to fool people, but in fact if people understand, it makes things worse.

      This is precisely the kind of thing they did when they went after David Wray and his men nearly 20 years ago. They put out information they think will muddy the waters.

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