Europe Headed Off A Cliff

The below video describes some legal changes taking place in large European countries like Germany and Spain essentially legalizing pedophilia, bestiality and child pornography. We sometimes hear about Muslim nations in the Middle East and countries like Russia expressing opposition to some of the morally corrupt changes taking place in Western nations. They have a point. Is this why we are waging a proxy war against Russia using Ukraine?

The video contains some disturbing imagery, so be forewarned:


2 thoughts on “Europe Headed Off A Cliff

  1. It is no secret that the West as well as Europe has descended into the murky sickness of pedophilia . Loosened morals will only accelerate once they become accepted or silently endured without protest or reaction.

    Oh well, the farmers in Afghanistan have been having sex with goats before this LGBTQ cult became chic.

    1. You are right, Fred, that the West has been moving toward this junk. The act of decriminalizing or legalizing these things makes the downward slide much more rapid, as we saw with gay marriage. We are leaving our kids and grandkids an awful world.

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