Why Many Physicians Can’t Speak Out About the Transgender Mess

An interesting article at City Journal (HT: Fred) quotes a physician who describes why physicians do not feel free to speak out in opposition to the transgender ideology that is quickly being adopted by our major hospital systems. In specific, he links the issue to all that happened during the […]

The “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence”, the LA Dodgers and the Take-Home Message

Many readers will be familiar with the controversy regarding the Los Angeles Dodgers and an LGBTQ group called the Sisters of Perpetual Mercy. In a nutshell, the Dodgers invited this group to its Pride Night. What had this group done? It staged a scene during which an LGBTQ-style dancer cavorted […]

Dr. Stanley Goldfarb and the Hospital Systems’ Profit Motive for Offering Transgender Treatment

Goldfarb was Associate Dean at the University of Pennsylvania medical School. (Penn is an Ivy League school). Watching this video makes it clear the kind of awful people we have running our hospital systems: Watch the latest video at foxbusiness.com