Now They Want Speed Bumps

The matriarchal dingbats on the Greensboro City Council have a new dragon to slay.

According to John Hammer at the Rhino Times, they are directing city staff to plan to install numerous speed bumps on area roads to “calm traffic”. It is not specified whether these would be installed on roads within neighborhoods; on major arterial roads; or even on limited access highways.

Read the comments following the Rhino article. The people who commented express concern that speed bumps are being used as a replacement for police officers on patrol. We don’t have nearly enough police in Greensboro for obvious reasons. Who would want to work for this crowd– for craven politicians who would betray you in a heartbeat?

Car repair shops and auto parts stores likely need to increase their available supply of shocks and struts. Front end repair will be a growth industry in Greensboro.


2 thoughts on “Now They Want Speed Bumps

  1. The city of Greensboro government is off the tracks. This is as bad as taxing restaurant food. Rise up !!!!!

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