Another Council Member, Another Non-Profit

The News and Record reported on Sunday that Greensboro City Councilman Hugh Holston has accepted a position as executive director of the Greensboro Housing Coalition.

That means three council members lead non-profit organizations that seek the resources of local government to fund their activities. That is an illustration of the cronyism that typifies our local political culture.

Another example of cronyism? The city council taking sides with Cone Health against the proposal by Atrium Wake Forest to site a new hospital in Greensboro. One would think they would invite the consumer choice and competition that a new hospital would bring; but instead they reflexively side with what they perceive to be their own crowd.

Citizens are somehow an afterthought.


2 thoughts on “Another Council Member, Another Non-Profit

  1. TC: You noted that 2 other City Council members , besides Holston, lead non profits.

    One of those is Yvonne Johnson who is the executive director of One Step Further and has been while serving on council or as Mayor, since its inception.

    One Step Further Inc was founded in 1982 as a 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) non-profit.

    Funding for this non-profit comes from private and public sources. The City council has given them $400,000.00 for year 2023 and Guilford County has grated them $640,000.00 for the same period. It has been at the government trough for 40 years.

    Johnson has received approximately $552,000.00 in salary for the years 2010-2022 ( average of 43,000.00 for 20 hours work each week ) I found this information on their IRS 990s. I couldn’t find 990s for years 1982-2009.

    Sounds like a good gig although not quite as good as Hunter Biden’s board seat on Burisma.

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