New Details On the Greensboro City Manager Incident

We have some new reporting at the Rhino Times regarding the violent incident at the home of Greensboro’s city manager, Tai Jaiyeoba.

There is some discussion about whether the City Council should be considering this matter. When Zack Matheny suggested a closed meeting on this matter, he got some pushback from fellow council member Sharon Hightower. Why would she be trying to protect the city manager? Let’s count the reasons.

This discussion on the part of the city council should have taken place weeks ago.

John Hammer raises questions about the shroud of secrecy surrounding this incident, and whether there was interference with the manner in which police handled the situation and released information.

It turns out that the other two individuals involved in this incident were his adult daughters— age 19 and 25. Recall that he had sustained serious injuries. While the call to the police alleged he was hitting them, in fact he was injured.

Because a crime likely was committed, we need more facts.


4 thoughts on “New Details On the Greensboro City Manager Incident

  1. Guess our City Leaders believe all their citizens are fools? The crimes committed at the City Manager’s home appears to be missing from the Greensboro Police Department Website? Much like the incident report disappeared from the Greensboro Police Department’s incident website following the attempted robbery by two off duty Greensboro Police Officers of a known Drug Dealer 2/10/2023 near Golden Gate Drive? At 5:30 am in the morning! No criminal charges were filed here and most likely no criminal charges will be filed from the City Manager’s home incident? It is the duty of the Greensboro Police Dept. to arrest the aggressors involved in a domestic violence infraction. Just remember there are two sets of laws in Greensboro! One for the citizens and another for the City Manager and Greensboro Police Department. Both the Greensboro City Manager and the Greensboro Chief of Police should be terminated immediately!

    Jim Donaldson

    Don’t even think of voting for Josh Stein for Govenor! As the Attorney General of N.C. he won’t even address our corrupt Leaders and Law Enforcement officials in Greensboro. He has been advised of the Golden Gate situation on several occasions! and now there is another violation of law that is being brushed aside. If Josh Stein can’t do his job as Attorney General, what kind of Govenor is he going to be?

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