The Greensboro City Council’s Decision to Make Triad Stage Less Viable

There had been a major push within the Greensboro establishment to fund and build the Tanger Center as a city-owned and operated facility. Bonds put city taxpayers on the hook for interest expense. And the annual operational expenses were bound to be a financial liability for taxpayers.

But this decision to build the Tanger Center put the city in direct competition with local performing arts facilities and organizations. The public sector was going to be competing with the private sector.

The News and Record had an article today about the fact that Triad Stage is experiencing serious financial difficulties. This is no surprise given what the Greensboro City Council did. Their actions were a deliberate decision to put facilities such as these out of business.

Of course, many arts organizations are making a deliberate decision to turn off potential patrons by “going woke”, and by conducting business in a manner that offends people of genuine faith.

Somehow, I suspect there will be a bail-out and a continued source of governmental funding for this facility. The corrupt political class– particularly here in Greensboro and Guilford County– loves to do this kind of thing.


2 thoughts on “The Greensboro City Council’s Decision to Make Triad Stage Less Viable

  1. Oh, our local government funds so many stupid things and non-profits. This is no different.

    Has there been an audit of the Tanger Center, as yet ?

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