Correct Response To School Board Shenanigans: Break Up the Guilford County School System

Recall that Deena Hayes and Jill Wilson (the race-baiting school board chairwoman and school system attorney, respectively) orchestrated a scheme to deny the county GOP’s designee for a vacant school board seat, and installed a liberal Republican instead. This was despite the passage of a statute that was supposed to assure that the county GOP would be able to designate who filled the vacant seat.

Now, we learn that Rep. Jon Hardister is contemplating new legislation. I have my doubts that will resolve the issue.

In addition, we learn that the county GOP has censured the new liberal GOP school board member. This will likely have no effect. The GOP has no way to assure that its elected officials remain true to conservative principles or even to the party platform. We have seen that numerous times in the past.

The problem is that we have a school board controlled by socialists and cultural Marxists who, like their counterparts at the national level, crave power and will do anything to retain it.

This situation leads one to recall the ill-fated decision three decades ago to consolidate the Guilford County school system. Prior to then, we had at least a couple of public school systems in the county. Back then, there were democratic socialist elected officials at the local level and also at the state level who made it happen. What could people have been thinking when they allowed this?

Jon Hardister and his Republican colleagues in Raleigh need to break up the county school system. Let Greensboro and High Point each have their own systems, and then have a single system for the remainder of the county. Allow the smaller towns and cities within the county to opt in to the Greensboro or High Point school systems if they desire.

But we ought to have at least three systems in our county. That will give parents a choice. But it will also make the school systems and school boards closer to the people, and more accountable to the local population. Repeatedly, the Guilford County school system and school board behave in a manner that is unaccountable. It is a remote behemoth that wise parents will try to avoid.

Let Deena Hayes and Jill Wilson confine their exploits to the city of Greensboro.


4 thoughts on “Correct Response To School Board Shenanigans: Break Up the Guilford County School System

  1. YES ! Give parents a choice.

    Go to give Hardister apropos for trying. I trust that a 2nd try might work and force Deena Hayes et al to follow the law.

    1. It’s hard when there is no one– and I mean no one– to enforce the law.
      I really think this three-decades-long Guilford County Schools experiment needs to be put to an end.
      Home schooling has emerged as the best option for parents.

  2. What a shame our education system is in such a mess. As stated early on, our government systems are designed for moral and religious people. Regrettably, the Marxist/socialist forces have shamed such people out of being involved.

    I agree that splitting the current system into three would likely improve educational results by bringing administration closer to constituents. However, there is no free lunch. Each of the three units will develop administrative staffs with attendant overhead costs.

    1. You are absolutely right, John.

      I was not here when the consolidation of the school system took place– I arrived in Greensboro in ’94, and I think it took place a few years prior to that. But I have little doubt that cost efficiency was one of the selling points back then– that there would only be a need for one administrative staff. However, that admin staff has ballooned dramatically since then.

      I wonder if it might be possible to have three systems with the same amount of admin staff, given the fact that Guilford County Schools has such a grandiose amount of excessive central office staff.

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