California, Other Blue States Undermining NC Pro-Life Laws

There was an interesting article at Breitbart this morning. Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law a bill that allows abortionists in California to mail abortion pills to women in North Carolina and in other states that have abortion restrictions. The bill would shield these abortionists from out-of-state prosecutions and law […]

North Carolina Antifa Member Indicted As Part of RICO Case

Recall the Antifa attack on the police facility outside Atlanta. The state Attorney General in Georgia has brought a RICO case against 61 Antifa members in connection with that attack. Among those indicted is James Lee Marsicano– a young man from Charlotte, NC. Carolina Journal reported that James has been […]

The Previous Approach to Christian Witness in the Public Square Failed

I have featured here at least a couple of times Stephen Wolfe. He has written an insightful article in Chronicles that is worth sharing. He invites us to think back to the period before the Obergefell decision that forced gay marriage on the entire country. Wolfe explains that evangelical leaders […]