Guilford State Senator Called to Account by NC Values Coalition

Gladys Robinson is a black female state senator from Guilford County; and is part of the democratic socialist party. I suppose we are supposed to be reassured that she has been a Sunday School teacher at Providence Baptist Church. But within these particular circles, abortion is regarded as an imperative. […]

Case For Transgender Treatments Is Collapsing– Thanks to Europe

We ordinarily would not look toward places like Great Britain or the Netherlands to discover groundbreaking advances toward cultural conservatism. But here we are! First, the National Health Service (NHS) in Britain commissions a major report that discovers “remarkably weak evidence” for transgender treatments. The organization Do No Harm states […]

“The Ethical, Moral and Intellectual Rot in Our Institutions”

A couple of great articles came to my attention that merit your perusal. One is by Dr. Jane Lindell Hughes in the current issue of the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons. It discusses various issues reflecting institutional rot including DEI, “climate change”, elite academia, governmental censorship, transgender treatments and […]