Guilford County Passes Pride Month Resolution

Scott Yost has the details. A few citizens spoke out against the resolution, but the socialists proceeded to pass it– unanimously, with apparent Republican support.

Other media reports had suggested this meeting was packed with people pushing for more public schools funding. When Yost says the crowd cheered after the resolution passed, my expectation it was these folks who did the cheering.

In any case, residents of Stokesdale, Pleasant Garden, Summerfield, Oak Ridge, Brown Summit and various unincorporated parts of Guilford County can now reflect on the fact that their county has identified itself publicly as pro-LGBT.

We can no longer ascribe it to Greensboro mess. This awfulness now reflects on the whole county.


2 thoughts on “Guilford County Passes Pride Month Resolution

  1. The commissioners don;t mater one whit. The speakers who voices who were in opposition to this silty resolution are in the majority of Guildford county. It is sad to see Skip run his dictatorship,

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