Premeditated Attack on Christian School: Didn’t Occur in a Vacuum

We will hopefully learn more precise information about the shooter’s motive. But it seems clear.

The tragedy in Nashville was preventable. I attribute what happened in large part to that key swing vote made by Justice Anthony Kennedy, nominated by Ronald Reagan, to enable the Obergefell decision eight years ago. That was the Pandora’s Box that unleashed much of the anti-Christian activity we have seen in the United States since then.

I remember the early blog conversations years ago when the socialists would reassure us repeatedly that such a decision would not undermine Christians’ religious liberty. That reassurance was forgotten the moment the ink dried on the decision rendered by the Supreme Court.

It ultimately degenerated into transgender rights… and transgender entitlement. Given that this group almost by definition suffers severe psychiatric impairment, that is a recipe for disaster. Combine that with the contagion created by social media, and you have people drawn into this mess who never needed to be.

As in the case of the vast majority of mass shooting situations, we have to wonder about whether a father was in the picture.

Evil runs rampant in our society. It is protected and encouraged and incentivized. We now have anti-Christian terrorism perpetrated by the LGBTQ crowd.

In case you had not seen it, below is the video body cam footage of the police response in Nashville, which was heroic, courageous and extremely effective. Imagine the feelings of terror associated with having to respond to such a call, and yet they hardly missed a beat:


2 thoughts on “Premeditated Attack on Christian School: Didn’t Occur in a Vacuum

  1. The shooter, was undergoing mental health therapy. Why are authorities withholding his/her manifesto. Thank goodness for the brave police officers that did not hesitate and ran toward the sound of fire.

    1. The Nashville Police Department was pretty transparent during the early stages. I understand how they will not want to create a firestorm that will cause a backlash against the LGBTQ community, but we need to know the truth. I hope the killer did not say some awful things about the school or specific things about certain people within it…

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