“Today is a Loss for Conservatism”

The leader of the John Locke Foundation, Donald Bryson, said the following regarding the fact that Medicaid Expansion had been passed and signed into law in North Carolina:

“Nearly 2,300 days ago, Gov. Cooper tried to expand Medicaid by Executive Order, and it has been his top priority during his tenure,” said John Locke Foundation president Donald Bryson. “Now Republican legislative leaders have given Cooper his biggest victory, given a seal of approval to Obamacare, and sent the state budget into uncharted waters. Today is a loss for conservatism.”

It is more than interesting that a strong majority of Republican state legislators supported Medicaid expansion even though it is obviously a “loss for conservatism”. It makes one wonder what kind of money was being thrown around.


2 thoughts on ““Today is a Loss for Conservatism”

  1. Yes, this flip flop causes all kind of speculation as to what motivated it. Curious is an understatement !

    1. Fred, I think Berger and Moore gave their justifications– we fixed Medicaid with managed care, and we fixed the state’s finances, so we are now able to afford it. Very unpersuasive in my opinion. This was a sell-out.

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