It Was Christianity That Produced Emphasis on Human Dignity and Rights

Dave Brat is a former congressman who has an administrative position at Liberty University. His field is economics. He raises an alarm that our elites and our uniparty are producing deficits and a level of debt that is going to lead to immense hardship. He argues that previously our economic […]

Republican NC Senate Passes Medicaid Expansion

Today, I received a press release by e-mail from State Senator Ralph Hise on behalf of Republicans in the North Carolina Senate. I will post the release here; and will interject with my own comments: NC Senate Passes Conservative Healthcare Access, Reform Legislation Proposal reforms Certificate of Need laws that […]

NC General Assembly GOP Again Flirting with Medicaid Expansion

The North Carolina Medical Society reported on Friday that Medicaid expansion is being considered by the NC House this week: Now, the NC House will hear and likely vote on Medicaid expansion next week.  The bill’s scheduled for debate in the chambers health committee on Tuesday and would direct the state to […]