The Mayorkas/ Biden Impeachments

The impeachment of Alejandro Mayorkas was finally consummated. There was some interesting information that was reported about him last week, however.

It was widely discussed that he previously served as a board member for the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS). This is a Jewish group that advocates for refugees and illegal immigrants. (It also has been reported that conservative pundit Ben Shapiro previously donated in large amounts to this organization.)

There is another matter that is not unrelated.

Tony Bobulinski had a deposition before a House committee in connection with Joe Biden’s impeachment. Bobulinski’s testimony is explosive with regard to Biden’s corruption and his selling out our country to the Chinese Communist Party.

Two Jewish democratic socialist congressmen– Dan Goldman and Jamie Raskin– were present for the deposition. Marjorie Taylor Greene states in the below interview that these socialists were yelling at Bobulinski and demonstrating “a lot of anger” during the deposition. She described Goldman’s performance as “pretentious”, “arrogant” and “rude”. She states that Raskin also was rude. It is fairly evident that they feel very intensely and passionately about protecting what they are trying to achieve politically with their Marxism and their open borders. Watch this part of the discussion by starting at the 12:30 mark:


2 thoughts on “The Mayorkas/ Biden Impeachments

  1. The Bobulinski testimony is the smoking gun.

    Here read his opening statement:

    “The Biden family business was Joe Biden, period,” said Tony Bobulinski, a former Navy officer who worked alongside first son Hunter Biden and first brother James Biden on a venture with CEFC China Energy.

    As for Goldman and Raskin being rude and aggressive , Bobulinski is a big boy and can take it. Those two dirt bags just show their ass with their undignified behavior.

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