The Republican Circular Firing Squad

Readers likely are familiar with the drama concerning former Republican congressman George Santos from New York. Recall that he had recently been expelled from Congress.

The special election to replace him last night and the socialist Democrat– Tom Suozzi– prevailed. Some have attempted to characterize this particular race as a bellwether for the fall presidential election. I doubt that is the case because Suozzi previously served in various political offices for many years and had very high name recognition in the district. The Republicans, by contrast, ran a very weak opponent.

This defeat for the Republicans mean they have an even more slim majority in the US House– and their speaker, Mike Johnson, has little room to maneuver, even when he is inclined to do the right thing.

Recall all the histrionics over Santos. Yes, he is a sleazy character and deserved expulsion. However, the Republicans only expel their own. They do not expel the socialist Democrats when they engage in wrongdoing. The Democratic caucus in the US House is filled with shady characters who don’t deserve to be serving in Congress, and who have committed serious offenses. They get a pass; but when the Republicans have a bad apple among them, immediate action is taken.

It’s funny how that works.


2 thoughts on “The Republican Circular Firing Squad

  1. Mazi Pilip, who lost to former Rep. Tom Suozzi (D) on Tuesday night, had been registered as a Democrat since 2012. She kept Trump at an arm’s length throughout the race in the toss-up district, which went for President Biden in the 2020 election.

    Suozzi, too, made a conscious effort to distance himself from Biden. He ran as a moderate dealmaker and publicly backed the bipartisan border deal that Republicans promptly tanked.

    In 8 months that seat will be up again. Maybe next time the GOP will field a better candidate.

    1. The woman who ran against Suozzi also was an Israeli who had served in the IDF, Fred. And I agree, Suozzi did the typical “moderate” facade. This is the wealthiest district in NY State but still leans Democrat from the standpoint of party registration. As usual, the socialists did better getting out the vote.

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