Anti-Semitism Update: Criminalizing the New Testament

Readers will recall that the Republicans in the US House passed a horrible bill ostensibly to oppose anti-Semitism; and the Republicans in Raleigh are primed to do the same thing. There has been considerable reaction in various quarters. Pastor Chuck Baldwin cites Dr. Steven Jones who had stated unequivocally that […]

What Explains Trump’s Blind Spot on the Covid Vaccines and His “RINO” Endorsements?

Tom Renz was a fairly considerable figure who spoke out effectively during the Covid pandemic. He discusses at length one key Trump aide– Susie Wiles– who he states leads his PAC and who also acts as his scheduler, thereby controlling his appointments. He says she is part of the consultant […]

UNC, Other Colleges Crack Down On Palestinian Protesters

It has become clear it is not just immigrants from the Middle East who are instigating these protests. Instead, it is left wing billionaires funding left wing protesters and orchestrating the entire effort nationwide via proxy groups. It is part of the Color Revolution/ Cultural Revolution they have been instigating. […]

North Carolina: Sports Betting and Men In Women’s Locker Rooms

A couple of interesting stories this week reflect a changing cultural environment in North Carolina. WRAL reports that the figures for the initial month of sports betting in North Carolina are in. Our fellow citizens spent $659 million on sports betting during the month of March. But recall this is […]

NC Republicans Who Voted To EXPAND Government’s Surveillance Of Americans

The culprits are Virginia Foxx, Pat McHenry, David Rouzer, Greg Murphy and Chuck Edwards (i.e. Madison Cawthorn’s replacement). I had seen reported at a couple of sites, at least, that the legislation requires more businesses to turn over electronic information on their customers to the federal government.