“Maternal Health” and “Reproductive Health” in North Carolina

My inbox gets jammed with various health-related educational opportunities. For instance, the North Carolina Medical Journal this month dedicated its issue to the field of Maternal Health. This is a division of public health that focuses on health care for pregnant women to assure that the mother and the baby […]

Explaining the “Marriage Law” Supported by Tillis and Burr

This gentleman describes in a very succinct fashion the issues raised by the marriage bill recently passed by Congress. While he places some degree of faith in litigation, the Republican-controlled US Supreme Court has not yet provided robust rulings in support of religious liberty on these questions when afforded the […]

The Battle Between Cooper and the GOP regarding the UNC System

The headline above suggests that a battle is taking place. That is probably not entirely accurate because the existence of a battle require that at least two sides oppose each other. A drama is developing, however, regarding the UNC system. The Republicans in the North Carolina General Assembly control all […]