Raleigh Republicans Support Corporate BCBS Fleecing of NC Rate Payers

The bill was controversial from the outset. It would allow Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina to abscond away with premium dollars it charged when it had a tax-privileged status. But the bill just passed overwhelmingly in the North Carolina General Assembly— aided and abetted by Republicans who gleefully […]

North Carolina Republicans Who Voted for the Debt Ceiling Bill

We had numerous Republican members of Congress from North Carolina who voted to raise the debt ceiling without insisting on major cuts to pre-Covid era levels. Recall that the Covid pandemic and the Biden Administration prompted a major increase in spending levels amounting to trillions of dollars. Who voted in […]

Who is Telling the Truth– Mayorkas or Tobin?

It was very interesting to learn that a lady within the Biden Administration named Katie Tobin stated openly last week that Biden’s open borders policy on illegal immigration has economic motivations. She said we need the workers. She is a “senior director for transborder security on the National Security Council”. This is to […]

The North Carolina Abortion “Compromise”: Before a Single Committee Hearing

The North Carolina Republicans in Raleigh trotted out this morning a group of female GOP legislators who would introduce their abortion bill. It includes a 12 week limit and also a variety of welfare state measures to “soften the blow”. They compromised before they had a single committee hearing on […]

A Bill to Give BCBS of NC Special Considerations Advancing

BCBS of NC is pushing legislators in Raleigh to allow it to evade certain regulatory requirements in accordance with its non-profit status. This follows a trend seen in other states where we have seen the various “Blues” become for-profit and/or merge with the “Blues” from other states. (For instance, Anthem […]