Left Undermines Abstinence-Based Sex Education

The law in the state of North Carolina is that sex education must be abstinence-based. That does not mean the political left and the education establishment will not attempt to do an end run around this requirement.

That is precisely what is happening. The State Department of Public Instruction– led by the lame duck Republican incumbent, Catherine Truitt– has written new standards that have the effect of watering down the legal requirement for abstinence based education by introducing other approaches. The state Board of Education– dominated by democratic socialist appointees of Governor Roy Cooper– has approved the new approach.

Obviously, they are seeking to transmit a mixed message to students. And the kids will pick up on that very quickly.

The NC Values Coalition is hoping that the NC General Assembly will step in to fix this situation. We shall see.

The best response is to keep kids away from the public schools– for this and many other reasons.


2 thoughts on “Left Undermines Abstinence-Based Sex Education

  1. TC: We Need a Republican governor and maintain super majorities in the house and senate . That is a way to halt this sneaky meddling.

    Yes, public schools are poison and should be avoided.

    1. Fred, we also need Michele Morrow as the new state school superintendent. Yes, a higher level of Republican control would help as long as they make the right decisions and don’t act with cowardice.

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