Obama/ Biden and The Cultural Revolution

I am taking the liberty of excerpting heavily from an article by Lex Greene over at News and Views:

(T)he so-called “Biden Administration” is actually the 3rd Obama Administration. The entire Biden staff and cabinet is made up of all the Obama era Executive Branch officials and Obama has been in charge again since January 20, 2021.

The greatest “community organizer” in U.S. history has managed to orchestrate a near total destruction of the USA by simply creating deep divisions across the electorate, using every divisive issue available, “fundamentally transforming America” just as he promised to do in his 2008 Presidential campaign.

Like any expert con artist, Obama has consistently told you exactly what he was going to do or is doing right before your eyes in real-time. Even the leftist news propaganda machine is forced to finally admit that Joe Biden doesn’t have the mental ability to run a summer lemonade stand, much less a country. It’s Obama 3.0 and always has been.

He told you he was going to continue running the country for a 3rd term and how he was going to do it. Obama has been back in charge since January 20, 2021, but his surrogate frontman Biden, and his mindless VP Harris, simply read from the cue cards provided by Obama, including the teleprompters and ear pieces in “live” shots where we get to witness Biden’s inability to even read correctly.

Now in 2024, Obama is seeking his 4th term behind the charade that is the “fake” Biden Administration. Millions of Americans know it, even though millions will never admit it, because they are quite happy to know Biden isn’t really in charge of anything, Obama is…

With Obama still at the helm, the fundamental transformation of America continues.

Meanwhile, the entire American news propaganda machine continues to act as if they don’t know, including Fox News personalities, referring to Biden as if he really is a President, Harris as if she really is a Vice President, and the 2024 election as if there’s any legitimacy to U.S. elections since 2016...

It’s not Biden’s idea to transform all Executive Branch agencies into a federal gestapo designed to silence all truth in the market and silence all voices of dissent… “banning” free speech on all social media platforms, referred to as “community guidelines” put in place by the great “community organizer.” It’s Obama’s idea and he started that transformation all the way back in 2009, beginning with the Department of Justice.

The “fundamental transformation of America” is actually a global Marxist takeover of America, in concert with The World Economic Forum (WEF), the United Nations (UN), NATO, and the World Health Organization (WHO). America isn’t the only target…this is a global event. But the USA is the prime target, because when Americans are no longer free, nobody on earth will be.

People all over the world are already standing in the streets to take their countries back from failed socialist and communist regimes, removing Obama cohorts from power in a desperate attempt to regain control of their own lives.

This global operation to end all national sovereignty and security and create a One World Government is financed by American taxpayers, international money laundering schemes, and a long list of international corporations partnered via the WEF and the Davos Group.

The anti-American left is also organized and funded by more than 200 George Soros extreme left-wing activist groups, And…much of the taxpayer money being sent out of the country under the guise of “foreign aid” is being laundered and brought back in to the Democrat Party via an international fund-raising scam created by Barack Obama in 2009, ACT BLUE…used to finance a laundry list of extreme LEFT groups from BLM, ANTIFA, LGBTQ and Pro-Hamas alleged Palestinian protesters, to the fake “save democracy” illegal election “community organizing” groups.

If that’s not bad enough for you, the Obama Administration has formed law groups to go after any law professional who dares to challenge the unlawful and unconstitutional acts we see all day.

The “divide and conquer” operation is in its final stages now. The bankrupting of America via massive illegal immigration also funded by American taxpayers, including financial benefits no American citizen can qualify for, and even “voting rights” in far-left states, follows the Cloward-Piven Strategy to the tee!

In a broader sense, Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America” follows Chairman Mao’s “Cultural Revolution” down to the finest details, often referred to as “colour revolutions” today. George Soros has led numerous “colour revolutions” to topple sovereign states and whole governments around the world for decades and is banned with arrest warrants pending in a number of countries as a result.

While the entire American News Media has run cover for all of it, lying to the American people day-in and day-out, hundreds if not thousands of “citizen journalists” have been trying to warn Americans about everything happening to our country for decades, myself included.

But here at the final hour of America’s existence, most still aren’t paying attention, or are totally brainwashed to actively vote themselves and everyone else into global bandage under the false campaign banner, “saving democracy.” THIS is why they want everyone voting by mail…

Thanks in no small part to horrific government-controlled education, few Americans alive today know that “democracy” is a mere stepping stone into “socialism,” and in the end, tyrannical “communism” just as Engles and Marx wrote about so many years ago.

Americans are being sleep-walked into a total collapse of their country and the end of every freedom and liberty they have ever known.

To say we are late in the game to respond, or that the odds are stacked heavily against the American people at this late date, would be the gross understatement of all time…


10 thoughts on “Obama/ Biden and The Cultural Revolution

  1. Wow that is a lot to digest but is pretty simple to understand.

    I think a majority of Americans are aware of this fifth column in the Biden Administration and their goals

    The choices are clear …. hit back harder or submit to this transformation.

  2. By Cris Queen

    When Barack Obama was campaigning for president in 2008, he was fond of saying that he wanted to “fundamentally transform America.” He wasn’t always upfront about the specifics, but when we read between the lines, we knew what he was talking about. Steeped in Chicago radicalism, Obama wanted to push America hard toward socialism.

    Seven years after Obama left office, the Democrat Party has abandoned Obama’s vision of “fundamentally transforming” that nation and instead wants to end America. I know you’re thinking that I’m making a melodramatic statement, but let’s explore why it’s true.

    For starters, the left has put all its chips in on abortion. It only took a couple of decades for leftists to go from “safe, legal, and rare” to “shout your abortion.” Killing babies has become a rite of passage for left-wing women, and pushing abortion is now a non-negotiable talking point.

    We can argue for days about whether the pro-life movement is moving too far too quickly after Dobbs, but at the same time, we can all agree that the Democrats have gone as radical as they can on abortion. To wit, when was the last time you saw a pro-life Democrat? It has become important to the Democrats to advocate for abortion as much as possible because fewer babies mean fewer future Americans (and potential Republican voters).

    Another way the Democrats are aiming to destroy America is with the transgender movement. The LGBTQETC movement in general is antithetical to human flourishing because gay and lesbian couples can’t naturally produce children, but the transgender movement is even more pernicious because gender transition puts transgender individuals at high risk for infertility. Democrats don’t care that transgender people are messes of chemicals, wrong hormones, and fake body parts, and they definitely don’t care that they’re rendering thousands of individuals unable to have children.

    The border crisis is yet another example of how today’s Democrats want to do away with America as we know it. I’m not a “replacement theory” guy, so I’m not going as far as to say that the left is trying to replace Americans with foreigners, but there’s a nefarious idea at play with these open borders.

    Allowing so many foreign nationals to flood into the country brings in many potential new voters, and the Democrats are gambling on these illegal aliens voting Democrat as soon as they’re able to. I’m shocked that we haven’t seen more pushes for amnesty for the millions of illegals who have flooded in, but one thing is for sure: the Democrats haven’t made any efforts to assimilate these people and encourage them to acclimate themselves to the American way of life.

    Related: Who’s Winning the ‘Disinformation War’?

    The Democrats aren’t just trying to undermine America through population and demographics; they’re also trying to undo the principles that make America what it is. Leftists will never back off from gun control, and we’ve witnessed time and time again how soft Democrats are on crime.

    But the principle most under assault in the U.S. these days is free speech. This move began under the Obama administration when his IRS went after conservative organizations, but the Biden administration and its cronies in Big Tech have turned the suppression of speech into an art form, labeling anything that bucks its narrative as “disinformation.”

    You can’t speak out against what’s going on in this country without the left attacking you. During COVID-19, leftist authoritarians tried to quell your freedom of expression and assembly if you didn’t line up for the vaccine and its endless boosters. If you speak up against letting kids undergo transgender treatments, the left says you want kids to die. If you stand up for the unborn, you’re anti-woman. If you advocate for Judeo-Christian values, you’re a Christian nationalist.

    1. What the hard-core left is doing is pretty upsetting, Fred. I wish we could somehow banish them from our midst, but we can’t. They really need true Christian conversion, but will tend to be among the least likely to be receptive…

  3. This is a basic culture war.
    To destroy your enemy’s culture, you first destroy all their cultural beliefs, one by one.
    Assimilation into your culture follows as it’s the only one remaining.

    1. What concerns me, JayCee, is the air of inevitability. They are making it seem that opposing the Marxist cultural revolution is hopeless, and that those at high levels opposing it will pay a dear price. To get to the point you are discussing, we have to start winning and implementing a better agenda. But I like the idea of destroying their beliefs and assimilating into a culture that accepts the American system.

  4. The “air of inevitability” comes from the left’s control of education. Kindergarten thru college is a program of socialist indoctrination.
    Plant the seed in the mind of a 5 year old and in 25-30 years he’ll be making political decisions based on his beliefs.
    They’re playing the long game, and have been for years.

    1. I agree, JayCee. The long game is our foe, particularly when they have had a relatively uninterrupted string of success since 1992– even when we have had Republican presidents, Republican control of Congress, and Republican controlled Supreme Courts.

  5. Joe, in my “culture war” comment above I meant to illustrate the tactics of the Left against conservatives–trying to eliminate God, religion, guns, freedom of speech, individual liberties, confidence in the courts, the media, etc.
    It sometimes seems overwhelming since the Left controls the media, Hollywood, the education system, and the White House.

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