GOP/ Trump Forces Getting Overconfident?

All of a sudden, we are hearing a rush of comments from within conservative media suggesting that Trump is going to trounce Biden.

I think we need to be careful because overconfidence can lead to complacency. The fact remains, for instance, that the socialists’ “ground game” is far superior to that wielded by the Republicans. Remember what happened during the 2022 mid-term elections.

If you take the prosecutions out of the equation, all of the political stars seems to be aligning in favor of Trump. In addition, the 3rd party candidates overall will seemingly pull votes away from Biden much more than Trump.

I already mentioned the socialists’ ground game as a complicating factor. But there are other dynamics that could complicate Trump’s road back to the White House. It is possible the socialists will dump Biden at the last minute. It is possible that RFK Jr. might have a different impact than what is currently anticipated.

We still have five months until the election. There might be one or more major events that take place before then. These major events might occur organically; or they might be contrived by the Deep State, the socialists and/or the corrupt media.

Finally, election fraud remains the socialists’ ace-in-the-hole.

Let’s not count chickens before they hatch.


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