Summerfield’s Trials

There has been considerable drama in the town of Summerfield. The town council fired the town manager. Then the entire town staff– consisting of a large handful of individuals– collectively resigned in protest.

Now, the Rhino Times is reporting that the town might be at risk of having the state revoke its town charter. That would mean the geographic area would revert to becoming an unincorporated part of Guilford County. The Rhino Times assigns blame to Summerfield because it has a pro-developer tilt.

I don’t want to get caught up in the drama, and try to find fault within the town itself as to who is responsible for this unfortunate turn of events. The fact is that the GOP-dominated North Carolina Senate used its power– at the behest of a large developer who also happens to be a campaign donor– to bully the town. That is the root cause of everything that happened over the last several weeks. David Couch successfully bought off key players within the NC Senate; and the town had to deal with the implications.

There are very powerful forces that have a vested interest in Summerfield becoming a mere appendage of the city of Greensboro– politically, culturally, demographically and socially.

If the North Carolina Senate Republicans had not gotten involved, there would be no drama in Summerfield. Let’s assign blame where it truly resides.


2 thoughts on “Summerfield’s Trials

  1. Politics is a dirty business and that is what is playing out in Summerfield. There will be winners and losers.

    1. Pretty filthy, Fred. And it is a shame that the town council members are now being held up as buffoons by the media– including the Rhino Times– and it is all because of the GOP in the NC Senate acting inappropriately.

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