The Trump Verdict

The Republicans have every reason to be afraid of the socialists.

The socialists, however, have absolutely no reason to be afraid of the Republicans.

I am reminded today of some of the reasons I decided four decades ago to make my home in the south after having grown up in New York.

This type of occurrence will continue to happen– and perhaps get much worse– unless the socialists are truly held accountable.

I had read somewhere this week that around a dozen red states have election laws that make it illegal for convicted felons to run for office. Perhaps this was the socialists’ end game. We shall see.

It all will depend on the courts.


7 thoughts on “The Trump Verdict

  1. Let’s see, our confidence has been destroyed in at least the following: elections, government three letter agencies, Congress, Courts. What is left?

  2. In my rage, missed education and medicine as major areas of lost confidence.

    1. Your rage is understandable, John. Some would say that this is singularly directed at Trump. But that ignores the fact that we have been in the midst of a neo-Marxist color revolution (or cultural revolution) over the last decade or so. The verdict is very much a part of that.

      1. I agree with you both. John, all of those entities that no longer deserve any confidence have in common that they have been corrupted by the tentacles of inherently corrupt government, coordinated by one entity you left out: the regime media.

  3. The trial of Donald Trump on jerry-rigged charges produced the foreordained outcome. Trump was found guilty by a Manhattan jury of 34 felony charges. It couldn’t have been otherwise. This was a show trial.

    It would have been more efficient — it would have saved a day or two in show time — if Judge Merchan had simply directed a verdict of guilt and sent the jury home when the parties’ rested.

    Instead Merchan let the prosecution run wild. He constrained the defense. He all but stripped Trump’s defense to the charge of federal election misconduct to which Michael Cohen had pleaded guilty.

    He gagged the defendant. He excluded evidence that might have helped the defendant, say with respect to the allegation of misconduct under federal election law. He crafted jury instructions that adopted the show-trial theory of the case.

    And the jury performed predictably under the circumstances. In this case its role was ministerial. The guilty verdict on each of the 34 charges was for show.

    Some suggest a direct appeal to the SCOTUS. What does he have to lose ?

  4. Effectively, Republican leadership (McConnell, McKarthy, Johnson, et al) would seem to be in on it. Corralling a “controlled opposition,” essentially shills for the ruling class.

  5. Healey, I agree with both of your comments. The rapid speed with which Johnson was emasculated is an illustration of your latter comment.

    Fred, your thoughtful comments appear to be on target. I like the idea of appealing directly to the SCOTUS and have seen Mark Levin advocate this. It appears there are numerous grounds to do so– time urgency; the existence of multiple federal questions; and the blatant violation of Trump’s rights guaranteed by the US Constitution.

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