Friendly Ave. Baptist Pastor Placed on Administrative Leave

An article at the Christian Post follows up on a story we had described here recently. The corrupt Biden Justice Department is prosecuting the new pastor of Friendly Avenue Baptist Church.

Understandably, the church felt the need to place this pastor on administrative leave this past weekend. There was really no choice but to do so given the circumstances.

Nonetheless, the article makes clear that it was the Southern Baptist Convention’s decision to investigate and act upon sexual abuse claims at local churches that triggered the Biden Justice Department’s investigation at the seminary where Queen held an interim leadership role.

The SBC’s actions in this matter exceeded its proper role. This highly public move attracted the malevolent attention of Biden’s Justice Department; and Matt Queen was caught in the crossfire.

Readers must understand that Biden’s people would like nothing more than to go after conservative Southern Baptists.

Queen is being accused of a “process crime”. In other words, the DOJ is not prosecuting the alleged sexual abuse itself– and nobody is alleging that Queen was directly involved in the original alleged crime. Instead, the DOJ is going after Queen on the basis of actions he allegedly took when the FBI was investigating. The story is a bit confusing and convoluted.

The life of this relatively young pastor and his family is being shattered by the singular determination on the part of Biden, Merrick Garland and the DOJ to sting conservatives and Christians.

Addendum 5/31: The News and Record has a story also.


2 thoughts on “Friendly Ave. Baptist Pastor Placed on Administrative Leave

  1. Queen is not the first victim of Biden’s Stasi. His gestapo resembles that of the KGB in the Soviet Union⁠ —which serves as a means of maintaining state authority.

    1. And Trump is a victim this evening because the socialists have their Stasi in various jurisdictions.

      I think we need to pray for Queen and his family. My understanding is that he has a passion for evangelism. Satan is at work trying to stop him.

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