The Republican Circular Firing Squad

Readers likely are familiar with the drama concerning former Republican congressman George Santos from New York. Recall that he had recently been expelled from Congress. The special election to replace him last night and the socialist Democrat– Tom Suozzi– prevailed. Some have attempted to characterize this particular race as a […]

“Conservative” House Speaker Passes Welfare Expansion

Part of the deal passed is “refundable tax credits” for children in the household. These amount to welfare subsidies extended even to those who file tax returns who don’t have to pay any taxes. They would get a refund. This bill was passed even when our national debt is exploding. […]

Mike Johnson: The Next Speaker Candidate

He is an evangelical Christian from Louisiana. It is fairly surprising that he would be chosen when the Republicans often tend to avoid southern white males in positions of leadership nationally. He is being described as a reliable conservative. However, his Conservative Review lifetime Liberty Score is 74% and his […]