Mike Johnson: The Next Speaker Candidate

He is an evangelical Christian from Louisiana. It is fairly surprising that he would be chosen when the Republicans often tend to avoid southern white males in positions of leadership nationally.

He is being described as a reliable conservative. However, his Conservative Review lifetime Liberty Score is 74% and his New American Freedom Index lifetime score is 72%.

I think I had posted the below video previously:

There are a couple of hopeful signs in this video. First, he is pretty intelligent, and he is a good communicator. That combination is somewhat of a rarity among Republican elected officials.

In addition, his cross-examination of Mayorkas was fairly devastating. He shows evidence of at least somewhat of a fight against the Marxists– another relative rarity among Republican elected officials. He demonstrated a bit of fire, which is refreshing.

I have no idea whether he will be elected to the position of House Speaker. But his voting record warrants some degree of skepticism about what he would ultimately deliver. With such a corrupted GOP caucus, it is difficult to see a good outcome forthcoming, but we shall see.


2 thoughts on “Mike Johnson: The Next Speaker Candidate

    1. I think he may be the best we could get, Fred, particularly presuming he keeps his promises on appropriation bills.

      I am wondering what types of guarantees he had to make to get the votes of the establishment Republicans. I think he will be mostly good but there will be some positions he will take that we won’t necessarily like. His voting record is fair– but not stellar, by any means.

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