What Do We Do With The FBI?

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4 thoughts on “What Do We Do With The FBI?

  1. It has never not been corrupt. Hoover was as conniving and slimy as they come, spying and blackmailing all manner of innocent people. During WWII, FBI grandstanding communicated to the Germans that their code had been broken, making the code breakers have to start over. The FBI definitely helped with the cover up of the CIA murder of JFK. They spied on the Goldwater campaign. An FBI was Deep Throat, instrumental in taking out Nixon after his landslide election. They spied on the Trump campaign. They caused censorship that put their fingers on the scale of the election in 2020.

    It is a modern Praetorian Guard whose benefits are grossly less than their costs. Break it into 20 pieces & keep 10 with well-defined functions and located outside DC.

    1. Great points, Healey. And some would argue that at least some the functions of a federal police/investigative agency are not constitutional under article 1, section 8. Perhaps we need an agency like this to enforce federal criminal law. But of course, some federal criminal laws themselves are not necessarily constitutional if they do not reflect powers explicitly noted or granted in Article 1, Section 8. Perhaps we need to get back to basics and see what the Constitution actually allows of a federal police agency.

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