2 thoughts on “A Good Leader…

  1. Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said he does not want his country to copy the “failed migration policies” of Western Europe that he suggests led to terrorism, gang wars and other Western violence.

    “Don’t try to tell us who can stay in Hungary,” he continued. “Don’t send migrants here whom it was a mistake to let into your country, and you want to get rid of them by sending them here. Don’t do that. Tolerate the fact that this is a different country, that we have not made a mistake, that we have a different position and that we don’t want to become like you. We don’t want mini Gazas in the districts of Budapest. And we don’t want terrorist attacks, gang wars and all the things we see in the big cities of Western Europe.

    Also Orban passed a law in 2021 banning the use of materials seen as promoting homosexuality and gender change at schools, citing the need to protect children from “LGBTQ propaganda” .

    Yes he is a valiant leader.

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