4 thoughts on “Would Be Great If It Really Happens

  1. Ivan Raiklin is an attorney and retired Green Beret. He calls himself the future Secretary of Retribution. He will guarantee consequences for a list of at least 350 individuals on his Deep State Target list. He provided the list to Elon Musk, Michael Shellenberger, Matt Taibbi, the Judiciary Committee, the Weaponization Committee, the oversight committee has it; the House Freedom Caucus has it. The Speaker of the House Mike Johnson likely has it.

    Raiklin claims FBI ppl supporting the illegitimate regime and still censoring his original Twitter account: Brian Auten, Laura Demlo, Elvis Chan, Joe Pientka.

    Raiklin believes a joint press conference by Mike Johnson and Elon Musk releasing direct Twitter messages among those on the target list will prove a seditious conspiracy going back to 2016. He says Mike Pence and his Chief of Staff Joshua Pitcock were involved in the seditious conspiracy, along with Pitcock’s wife, Catherine Seaman, who was the senior Russian analyst for Peter Sztrock.

    1. Fred, I hope he succeeds. And thank you for summarizing.

      His goals seem grandiose given the fact that he would be relying on Republican district attorneys and state attorneys general. Let’s remember that Republicans at the state and local level are not necessarily prepared to do the right thing or stick their necks out. We have seen that many times. Republican county sheriffs? Seems intriguing.

      Again, I hope he succeeds.

    2. “He says Mike Pence and his Chief of Staff Joshua Pitcock were involved in the seditious conspiracy…”

      Vendamin came out of Pence’s office. Pence was instrumental in knee-capping Mike Flynn, a man who knew where some of the skeletons were buried. Pence officially ran the Plandemic, always friendly to all the totalitarian elements of it. From a distance, it certainly appears Pence was a Uniparty plant.

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