Attorney John Thaler Explains the Arizona Bombshell Revelations

I had posted here last night about testimony before an Arizona legislative hearing. Brannon Howse interviewed John Thaler– the attorney who had led the extensive investigations that uncovered numerous fraudulent transactions, bribery of important public officials and compromises of election systems.

One of the interesting revelations is that the Speaker of the Arizona House– Ben Toma, a Republican– has conflicts of interest with the company that helps administer elections for Maricopa County– i.e., Runbeck. It turns out that Mr. Thaler’s services had been retained by financial corporations that lost huge amounts of money because of all the fraudulent transactions that had been taking place.

Why does this matter? When our election systems are poisoned– and when a criminal foreign drug cartel can blackmail public officials– our country is harmed immeasurably. Arguably, we are paying the price. We can only hope the harm is not irreversible.

The interview below is lengthy, but is well worth watching for those interested. Mr. Thaler is very impressive, and he begins to discuss the election-related matters around the 26:45 mark:


5 thoughts on “Attorney John Thaler Explains the Arizona Bombshell Revelations

  1. TC: I watched the entire video.As you said , a lot to unpack here. Are there smoking guns ? I dunno. I do know that there appears good cause to do a deep dive and get to the bottom of this can of worms. I would suggest that Mr, Thaler present his findings to the US Attorney for Arizona, Gary M. Restaino. Thaler also invites anyone who thinks they have been slandered, libeled or defames to take their best shot at him.

    1. That was a very interesting statement, Fred. He basically said that would enable him to engage in discovery and the like. He was implying they would not pursue him for that reason.

      The main challenge is to get anyone with authority to do anything with all this information. That has been the challenge regarding the election fraud issue dating back to November, 2020.

    1. Mr. Parlee, thanks for the kind words. And I agree that much of our major media is in bed with the CCP. Alex Marlow reported about this in great detail in his book, “Breaking the News”. In any case, that kind of media is not going to report readily about Mr. Thaler’s findings.

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