Why Tim Scott Should Not Be Trump’s VP Candidate

Yesterday, WRAL reported that Thomas Farr passed away on Monday. He was a GOP-affiliated election law attorney who had been nominated by President Trump for a federal judgeship in eastern North Carolina. However, he did not survive the Senate confirmation process. Why? South Carolina GOP Senator Tim Scott decided to […]

Mark Walker Drops Out of Congressional Race

The details are here. That leaves the path clear for the Trump-endorsed candidate– Addison McDowell. Walker was appointed to work for the Trump campaign as a liaison for “faith groups and minority communities”. He would presumably have a job within the administration if Trump were elected. During Trump’s first term, […]

Guilford County Produces GOP Candidates for Major Offices… and What Happened?

Let’s look at what happened on Tuesday for statewide offices and congressional races that are open seats. We are concentrating on candidates from Guilford County. Mark Robinson wins the gubernatorial nomination. While it is true that many like him and the stances he has taken, he faces a formidable opponent […]