North Carolina Facing Deficits?

There has been much ballyhoo here in North Carolina over the fact there is a surplus anticipated during the next budget year in the range of a billion dollars.

However, some of us have been warning over the sharp escalations in state spending during recent years. In particular, I have expressed particular concern over the Raleigh Republicans passing Medicaid expansion.

A budget analysis now projects a “fiscal cliff” of 2 billion dollars within the next four years.

If this is truly happening, we need to look at Medicaid expansion and the extent to which it is contributing.


2 thoughts on “North Carolina Facing Deficits?

  1. TC: Can NC opt out of Medicaid expansion? If so that may avert the looming fiscal crisis which some are predicting.

    1. Yes, we can opt out, Fred, as you probably know. The fiscal crisis according to the budget analysis begins to hit in a couple of years. But the problem, if it occurs, is entirely self-inflicted.

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