Pro-Palestinian Protests At NYU

This story is of some interest to me because NYU was my alma mater. I graduated from there during early 1982.

Unrest over the war in the Middle East has spread to this campus. That would have been unimaginable when I was there.

Of interest is the fact that faculty members were among the agitators. I am glad that I am no longer there:


4 thoughts on “Pro-Palestinian Protests At NYU

  1. Knock some heads , arrest them , suspend them from school and if appropriate deport them.

  2. One more point.

    Threaten to cut all federal money, including research grants, earmarked for universities that do not halt these demonstrations and expel the troublemakers.

    1. I think at least some of these folks are outside leftist agitators and are not necessarily Palestinian themselves, Fred. The same web of dark money that supported Antifa and BLM is also supporting these protests.

      But I agree that the universities need to be held accountable. Localities need to be held accountable also to the extent they permit this nonsense. There is a difference between lawful protests and assemblies and what we are seeing.

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