The Extortionary Threat Made By Five House Republicans

If this guy is correct, there were 5 establishment Republicans who threatened to resign and turn the US House back over to the socialists in order to get Ukraine aid passed. Some might argue the socialists are in charge anyway, so we ought not succumb to these threats. But the guy below argues socialist control of the House would be bad for Trump’s prospects in November:


4 thoughts on “The Extortionary Threat Made By Five House Republicans

  1. Politics is a like war. A strategic retreat is sometimes thee wisest move. The GOP majority is precarious . McCarthy, Gallagher and Santos have left. The margin is getting thinner. The threat may or may not have been a bluff but it takes skill to herd cats . Perhaps that’s what Johnson and Trump did. November can’t come soon enough.

  2. Wow, I need to catch up once more…Who are the 5 RINOS who threatened to resign if Johnson didn’t help pass the bill? And what do their constituents think of them voting for the bill? Might they be voted out when the time comes anyway? And when Trump gets in, can he strike down this horrific bill? Don’t get me started about Johnson pushing the warrantless FISA. Good grief, we are a mess!

    1. TCFan, I don’t know that these 5 Republican congressmen have been identified specifically. I hope they are exposed and voted out.

      I hope Trump can somehow reverse this using his presidential power over foreign policy. The Uniparty has been writing language into various bills seeking to constrain him when he takes office, and I hope this is not one example.

      And yes, we ARE a mess…

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