2 thoughts on “Chip Roy Outlines How the Ukraine/ Israel Funding Bill Came Down

  1. Thanks to Chip Roy and others that fought this legislation. Sadly they fell short.

    The aid to Ukraine is being squandered and by crooks and Nazis in that country.

    And not a penny for our own border )-:

    1. With the debt-ridden funding/ Omnibus bills, the FISA reauthorization and Ukraine war funding, Johnson has given the socialists all they could have ever wanted, Fred. He needs to go, although if a move is taken, you run the risk that additional Republicans will resign. The risk would then be that the Democrats will retake control of the House very soon and start passing legislation against Trump.

      The Republicans have put themselves between a rock and a hard place unnecessarily. This is a failure of leadership on the part of both McCarthy and now Johnson. Neither offered principled leadership.

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