2 thoughts on “The Administrative State Is Supreme Over Our Elected Leaders

  1. The goverment is functioning as a “Deep state”. Unelected officals are mandating polices that are not Pro-American but very self interest and adhere to a globalist agenda. They set things up that its almost impossible to fire a federal agent. Their benefit package is outrageous. That’s why we are 22 trillion dollars in debt. Globalists do not care about Americans.

    Real problem is…we the people do not have time nor resources to watch all of the government. That is the media’s job and they are not offering public any transparency. In fact they are covering up for corrupt government agencies.

    Gov, DeSantis among others have pointed out the fact that John Brennan was a disaster as CIA director. He was a disaster as the counter-terrorism official. He was a member of the Communist Party during the Cold War. How on earth did he ever get confirmed as CIA Director.

    1. Good question, Fred. But I think it was Obama’s design to corrupt the Deep State to a much greater degree to advance the socialist/globalist project. We have a major problem on our hands; and it is going to take some courageous citizens to fix it.

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