Another GOP Fail in Utah

John Curtis won his Republican primary for US Senate in Utah against conservative Trent Staggs. Curtis will likely replace Mitt Romney in the Senate.

Curtis is a former Democratic party chair who has supported the LGBT agenda. The state of Utah is therefore replacing one liberal Republican with another.

This is a massive indictment of the Republican Party in the state of Utah. But it is also an indictment of the Mormon Church that carries so much clout within that state. How could this have possibly happened?


2 thoughts on “Another GOP Fail in Utah

    1. Great question, Fred. This guy is probably going to be elected, and just as in the case of Thom Tillis, the state’s conservatives are going to be stuck with him potentially for decades. He is going to be a problem.

      We have this illusion that electing Republicans is going to be helpful, but they continue shooting themselves in the foot. It almost seems intentional.

      This really is inexcusable.

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