Should Roy Cooper Have Spoken At the Billy Graham Statue Dedication?

Last month, a statue of Billy Graham was installed in the US Capitol building. A number of elected officials spoke, nearly all of whom were Republicans. But there was one democratic socialist who spoke– Governor Roy Cooper.

This is a great irony because Cooper is not a Christian. He is an avid supporter of the LGBT agenda and also is stridently pro-abortion. Authentic Christianity requires belief in Jesus Christ coupled with repentance.

Simply put, being in favor of the LGBT agenda and being pro-abortion is inconsistent with being repentant. These are willful stands that do not reflect turning away from sin and toward reconciliation with God our creator. To the contrary, these stands represent rebellion against God and the order he set down for humanity.

Politics is sometimes a charade. But the mere premise that it was appropriate to ask Cooper to speak at that ceremony is absurd.


2 thoughts on “Should Roy Cooper Have Spoken At the Billy Graham Statue Dedication?

  1. Cooper is all the things you call him. A bad governor and an empty suit. He had no business even near the statute o Billy Graham.

    1. This really felt wrong when I learned that he was present and that he was invited to speak, Fred. How can we possibly believe him if he made any statement concurring that Graham was deserving of this honor?

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