More Than 40,000 Excess Deaths Annually In North Carolina Compared With Five Years Ago

Prior to 2020, a certain number of folks could be expected to die in the state of North Carolina every year. Some startling new data of which I have become aware (HT: JH) reveals that we are experiencing more than 40,000 excess (or extra) deaths every year in our state […]

Justice Gorsuch on Governmental Handling of Covid “Emergency”

Neil Gorsuch is extremely weak on LGBTQ issues because he is an Episcopalian who leans libertarian. However, he said some things in a recent opinion that few other judges and justices have matched. He is fairly critical of the manner in which the federal, state and local governmental authorities abused […]

NC First “Lady” Doesn’t Like Crime in Her Neighborhood, “Sick of These People”

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper’s wife is Kristin Cooper. She had famously given protesters the finger several years ago. The Cooper’s apparently maintain a home in Raleigh even though they are entitled to live in the Governor’s mansion. One night recently, a man attempted to kick in the door of […]

Our Christmas Present: Rolling Blackouts Amid Frigid Temps

At one point early Saturday morning, the wind-chill factor in the Piedmont Triad reached approximately -13o F. Yet, some of us were experiencing electrical blackouts. There were high winds; but we were told that at least some of the outages were deliberately instituted “rolling” blackouts because the electrical grid was […]